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Knowledge Translation

What is knowledge translation?


Evidence from research or research findings can be used to improve the health outcomes of individuals, provide more effective health services, and strengthen the health care system.  Knowledge translation or “KT” is a method to help bridge the ‘gap’ between research and clinical practice in a timely and efficient way.

Why is KT a part of the ACE study?


Strong research evidence exists supporting the benefit of exercise for individuals during and following cancer treatment, yet, in Alberta, exercise has not been part of the routine clinical cancer of individuals with cancer.  The Alberta Cancer Exercise program was developed to provide this service, and to help close the “gap” between research and practice in Alberta. 

What are the KT objectives of ACE?

Objective 1:  To build capacity for cancer-specific exercise programming that is community based.  

  • Through training developed by Thrive Health Services, Cancer and Exercise training course, community exercise specialists will be trained in cancer specific exercise programming.

  • Informing and educating healthcare professionals (HCPs) on safe and appropriate exercise programming options for survivors in the community.

  • Educating survivors about community based exercise programming; integrating exercise into the health supporting practices.

  • Providing transition programming for those not yet ready to engage in community-based exercise programming.

Objective 2: To facilitate referral of survivors to community-based exercise programming. 

  • Implementing a simple protocol for HCPs, to facilitate referral of survivors to appropriate exercise programming. Pamphlets outlining exercise-programming options will be available in clinic.

  • Creating linkages and information exchange between the HCPs and community exercise specialists by having an ACE research team member onsite, if possible, when implementing ACE. In rural locations, linkages will be created through local consultations with survivors, exercise specialists and HCPs in the rural community. 

Objective 3:  To ensure sustainability of ACE programming

  • Exploration of future funding models for ACE to ensure sustainability of community programming.

  • Integration of exercise counseling and referral into the care pathway of survivors.

  • Ensuring ongoing evidence-based cancer-specific training of exercise specialists in the community

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