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The Alberta Cancer Exercise program (ACE) is a cancer-specific exercise program that is based on well-documented research evidence that supports the benefits of exercise for people with cancer.


Regular exercise can improve your aerobic capacity (health of your heart and lungs), strength (muscles), body composition (muscle mass), mental and emotional health (anxiety and depression), and quality of life.  It can also reduce treatment-related side effects such as pain and cancer-related fatigue, and improve your ability to withstand cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. For some cancers, regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back.

ACE offers a free group-based cancer-specific exercise program for people living with and beyond cancer.  Adults with any type and stage of cancer can take part. Qualified exercise professionals who have received cancer-specific training lead the exercise classes.  These experienced instructors will help to tailor the exercises to your fitness and abilities.


ACE is offered at multiple Alberta locations.  The classes are 60 minutes in length and follow a circuit-style design, focusing on aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training.  Classes are offered twice weekly over a 3-month period. Fitness tests include lower body endurance (sit-to-stand test), balance, aerobic endurance (a walking test), lower body flexibility (sit and reach test) and shoulder range of motion.  These assessments are taken at before you start the exercise program and after you are done the 12-week program.


To date more than 2700 participants have taken part in ACE!

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