Exercise Program Information

Circuit Training and Group Personal Training



Option 1: Circuit Training Class


  • The circuit training class takes place in a gym or a large open room.

  • In the circuit training class, participants will complete a variety of exercises involving the full body.

  • Exercise are completed through a series of 'exercise stations' in a circuit format. At each station, options are provided for easy to harder exercises, and the survivor can choose the exercise level that is best suited to their ability that day. 

  • Participants will perform each station\exercise for a set time period with a short rest between stations. 

  • The exercise instructor leads the class and times the stations.



The ACE program is a 12-week community-based program that will be offering twice a week exercise sessions. Depending on location, there are two types of exercise options:


Option 2: Group Personal Training 


  • Group personal training is exercise that is done with a group of survivors, held in the fitness centre of the community site.

  • Each participant is prescribed a personalized program that is based on his or her symptoms, personal goals and fitness testing results. 

  • The program involves an aerobic exercise component (for example using a treadmill, bike or elliptical), resistance exercise component (for example using weight machines, pulleys or free weights) as well as balance, core and flexibility training. 

  • The program is progressed slowly over the 12-week period to improve the survivor's overall mobility, fitness and muscle strength. 

  • An exercise specialist is available in the centre to supervise and assist survivors when exercising with the group.